Dorm Dupes

It seems questionable if kids will actually start college in person in the fall, I sure hope they do because the college experience is not to be missed! I loved my college years, and I was very early on in honing my design skills, all I remember is a black flowered comforter with pink cabbage roses (it was the early 90s!) and lots of posters! Whenever I see posters I really do think of dorm rooms, but there’s nothing that says posters should necessarily be relegated to dorms, I ran across this fab Scandinavian inspo on Pinterest and was just thinking how lovely a collage of framed posters can be.

I think the key is to cluster them closely together, and make sure the frames match, but not too perfectly. I think you can mix rock posters with art prints, and some fine art as well, what do you think, could you do poster art or does it make you feel like you’re in your twenties still?

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