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So, if you know me irl, you know that I love music.  Always have, always will.  Sometimes I play these mental games with myself like, would I rather have artistic talent, or be able to sing?  Would I rather be pretty much naturally thin (though trust me it takes work, but mainly, good genes, thanks Mom and Grandma!) or be able to sing?  Would I rather be good at Jeopardy!, or be able to sing?  Nine times out of ten it’s be able to sing lol, I can’t sing at all!  And I love music.  So it frustrates the hell out of my husband and friends because I still insist on doing it lol. 

Anyway, a lot of times I need complete silence to work, coding is complicated (like math homework, ugh) but sometimes when I’m designing, I definitely bust out the tunes.  I haven’t updated my Spotify playlist in awhile but I did last week, if you like indie, ambient, trip hop and with a little sizzurp thrown in, check it out!  It’s also always available in my blog sidebar.  

Happy Weeknd!  Ha ha get it?  Weeknd?  Lol, love you guys! 





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