Cuppa Tea, Then?

I’ve spent the whole last weekend watching the British Open (courtesy of a golf-obsessed husband), you guys know I love tennis but I have next to no interest in golf, to me it is the most boring sport ever!  The little ball, the little hole, it’s slow as a snail in the left lane and I just don’t get it.  My husband is on the edge of his seat, even yelling out and exclaiming like in football and I’m like, “for what?!”   What I DO like is the whole British Open vibe, I love the reserve, the elegance, the dignity of the whole thing (much like Wimbledon, where, Jeopardy question, if you win, you get free tea for life!).  Whoa!  So I just felt like posting some British-influenced inspo today, of course anything to do with the Union Jack, and I also love the feel of these vintage English cottage-style rooms.  Cheerio, then!

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