Cozy Crisp Black and White

I always think of black and white decor as being very cold and stark, think 1980s modern, that whole super graphic look that was so popular when I was like, in kindergarten!  But over the years I’ve become a huge fan of black and white, I love the crisp look of a deep glossy black finish and sparkling white trim and walls.  Living in a part of the country now where it reaches below zero on an almost daily basis in winter, I’m all about the cozy vibe, so I’m always looking for ways to warm up a stark space.  I love how these designers pulled together the sleek finishes with natural touches:  the rattan chairs, fresh greenery, plush throws and gallery walls.  When in doubt, accessorize!  What are some of your favorite ways to warm up stark white spaces?

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One Response

  1. I get that and a couple years ago redid my staircase all black ( with a cool runner) but dang the dust drives me crazy when I see it…so note to self greige may be a better way ….chose something that the color of dust so you aren’t cleaning it every day HA!

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