So probably my favorite city in the world is Copenhagen, Denmark, and I’ve been to a lot of them! There are so many things to love about Copenhagen: its size (totally manageable you can walk the majority of the city in one day), its charm: it’s a lovely city not overrun with high rises and tech stuff, still very old-fashioned in nature and of course its people. The Danes are wonderful, friendly people, industrious with a great sense of civic pride. Not to mention the shopping, the high streets have amazing shopping, I mean, amazing! I could go there just to shop. Nothing super ritzy or expensive, but fantastic shoes and the clothes are all classic, not hoochie or tacky like so many American fashions these days. We actually have the Copenhagen poster in house to remind us every day what a fab place it is, if you haven’t been there, you must go! This image is from Pinterest but you can find a similar one here. So Glædelig Jul and enjoy!

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