Cool Aqua

white lace top

Living in south Florida, I’ve become an expert at staying cool.  I live downtown, so I pretty much walk everywhere, which I love.  But it gets miserably hot here so I’ve come up with a few little things that I do to cool down.  I know this sounds gross but I’ve become a huge fan of Gold Bond lotion (the menthol one, in the green bottle).  OMG.  It’s like, mentholated, and it doesn’t smell great but it doesn’t smell horrible either and you can layer other lotion over it, but it is so, so refreshing after a nighttime shower.  And my other thing is popsicles (I know, what am I, 12?!).  But I’m on a popsicle kick, I eat 3 or 4 a night before I go to bed (see I’m not one of those fake bloggers, my life is not super glam, I eat popsicles in bed while smelling like Ben-Gay, okay?  Ha!).  They cool you off!  And they’re not fancy hand-made ones off Pinterest either, these babies are straight out of the box from the “novelties” section of the ice cream aisle.

The other thing is color, I’m loving aqua and white this summer.  There’s something about this super fresh color combo that just says cool.  Breezy, airy whites and cool aqua shades are instantly refreshing and super stylish for summer.  So I’ve picked some of my faves, enjoy and go snag some popsicles!


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