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I’m loving these images inspired by Nederland Vogue.  The combination of the colorblock rug, the velvet settee and the marble accents are so gorgeous!  I always love something fresh and new for spring, and while I won’t be doing an entire living room redo, I’m starting an inspiration board for some seasonal updates, and these are going on it!

When I want to do a room refresh, I usually focus on one piece I find, and then build around it, so consignment is great for that, you’ll have a piece that no one else has.  Even if it’s just a pillow or lamp, it’s amazing how one thing can inspire your whole room vibe.  So if I don’t have a definite idea in mind for what I want to do, I surf around until something really special catches my eye and then I design around that.  It’s a really fun way to update and it’s good for ladies who don’t necessarily have the perfect design eye, once you have that one signature piece, everything else just flows together.  Every now and again people email me too with interior design questions, even though I’m a graphic designer I’m definitely happy to put my two cents in so hit me up!

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