Cleanin’ Out the Closet

So yesterday, I had a little window.  A window with no emails (woo hoo!) and nothing super pressing at the moment, so I took the opportunity to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple years now, honestly, which is  …drumroll…  cleaning out the closet.  I used to be better about this, but I haven’t shopped as much since I moved to south Florida for a few reasons.  One, there’s not as good of shopping here unless you trek out to this amazing (did I saw amazing?) outlet but that’s pretty much literally in the Everglades (it’s called Sawgrass Mills, perhaps you’ve heard of it, all of Europe certainly has!) or drive down to Miami which is something I kind of avoid at all costs, but they have Bal Harbour and Aventura Mall which are also awesome but the traffic is just, meh.  But like locally in Ft. Lauderdale it’s pretty weak, so there’s no real popping out to the shops for an hour to two just to browse.  And also, it’s so hot and I walk everywhere, so I pretty much live in shorts, BR tanks and my Supergas.  Like, the hot streets are no place for high fashion if you feel me.

So because I haven’t shopped, I’ve really had no need to make room for new stuff.  And the other thing is, when I moved down here I was sure it would be temporary (I was horrified to be honest, at moving to the land of back tats and multi-level marketing schemes) but as it turns out, I kind of love this place (try spending 2 full winters here and you too would change your mind!).  So I had stubbornly held on to all my winter clothes thinking someday I may move back to cooler climes, but outside of several trips to Boston in the winters, I can already see that I won’t be busting out the North Face anytime soon.  So maybe, maybe some of those wool turtleneck sweaters could go?

So I was very, very brave and ruthless.  I did a few bags for Goodwill, and then I am trying something new, I ordered a couple of Clean Out Kits from ThredUp, have you guys heard of them?  Apparently, how it works is you order a bag, they send it to you with a prepaid shipping label, and then you fill up the bag with your stuff and send it back.  Then they buy what they want outright, and can either ship the other items back to you for a fee, or donate them (I chose donate).  So, we’ll see how that goes, I’ll be sure to let you know.  And then the last thing I did was just to sell a few of my nicer items on (anyone in the market for a like-new pair of A.S. 98 sandals size 41??).  Because I got the feeling that the ThredUp peeps might not immediately recognize the value of some of those lesser-known, edgier brands, they’re more like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor stuff.

But it felt good, though I’m sure I’ll have a few moments of panic and pangs of regret, but now that my closet is only half full, I’m feeling the need the need to replenish it (and unfortunately with fall fashion, because as I mentioned yesterday, I’m in the mood!).  So I’m trying to fulfill this need virtually by posting some of my favorite fall looks, hope you enjoy and I would love to hear about  your own closet-cleaning experiences!


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