Clean + Sweet

I post a lot of deep, over the top boho decor, it’s my passion but I totally understand that it’s a little much and might not be for everyone.  So I’m switching gears today and posting some of the cleanest, sweetest bedroom inspiration I’ve run across lately.  While gallery walls, overstuffed sofas and hundreds of pillows might look really cool on Pinterest, the liveability factor is a little questionable, I agree.  A clean, neat bedroom can put your mind at rest and make you feel like everything is in order in life (even when it’s not!).  The first photos do it right, they use layers but because the colors or fresh and light, it looks neat and not overwhelming.  And never underestimate the impact of a coat of gold paint, this chest of drawers (that most likely began its life as a boring Ikea piece) gets a fresh new look with unexpected gilded accents!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }



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