Clean + Modern Inspiration Board

black and white inspiration board

Graphic black and white seems to be the theme for the week, so I’m sharing this awesome logo design inspiration board I just made.  I actually work on these in my free time, graphic design is like exercise, you have to keep those creative muscles strong, so a lot of evenings and weekends find me playing around with color, graphics and typography so my designs for you guys stay fresh!  I’m currently loving this clean, modern layout, what do you think?

Don’t forget, in addition to being a lifestyle blogger, I actually am a real, live blog designer and graphic artist.  No matter what service you need:  custom blog design, custom website design, logo design, or all three, I work really hard to deliver the freshest, most chic and unique blog designs out there (blogging is super competitive and blog design is highly visual, so a custom blog design, tailored to your style and personality is the best way to stand out from the pack).  I also do custom website design and a whole lot of logo designs too.  Blog design is a solid investment, you can definitely make a nice little side income off of a blog, so make sure your blog design reflects your personality – I work to get your style vibe, and translate that to graphics that showcase the true you on the web.  Interested?  Check out all our services here!


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