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I don’t know about you, but after all of yesterday’s festivities, I am craving a little bit of clean and calm.  We actually did something that I almost never do, which is to do what everyone else does (if nothing else, I think outside the box!).  So, we piled up and ventured down to Ft. Lauderdale beach.  In case you didn’t know, south Florida in the summer is not a desirable place to be!  It’s super hot down here, and it’s sort of like being on Cape Cod in winter, no one really, uh, wants to be vacationing there.  Don’t get me wrong, south Florida in January is a glorious dream.  You can go to the beach every day, the weather is spectacular.  But in the summer, it’s sweltering hot and there are just one too many ladies in thongs who really shouldn’t be, if you feel me.

Plus, I get sensory overload.  I think because my work is so isolated, all it takes is a few hours in a crowd to make me crave, like, a week of peace and quiet.  So I’m starting out this Monday-like Tuesday with some calm, cool, inspiration, and trying to ease into the peace and quiet of the upcoming work days.  Enjoy!



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