Classic’s Back

This is going to sound weird, but I am one of those people that absolutely loves winter!  Give me those short, dark days, bitter temps and ice and snow!  And one of the reasons I love winter is it’s sort of the time to hunker down (though haven’t we all done enough hunkering lately?!).  I always make bold plans to socialize in the Fall (oh yeah, we’ll have dinner parties once a month!  Super Bowl!) and it always ends up that I literally don’t see my friends for 3 full months because everyone here does the same thing, hides out in their houses and rarely puts on any shoes other than snow boots or Uggs.  But with Spring upon us, entertaining season is here once again.  It’s my turn to host the golf ladies cocktail party and let me tell you, hosting the golf ladies is a lot of pressure!  I’m more of a boho decorator, but having these lovely ladies over always turns my attention to the classic, elegant touches guests expect: fingertip towels, cloth napkins, fresh flowers, that sort of thing.  So I’m vibing on these refined living spaces and making a bookmark to incorporate some of these chic and understated touches this Spring.

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