Christmas is Deer Season!

This is my season ya’ll! As you know, I’m the deer behind Little Blue Deer, ha ha, deer have always kind of been my alter ego/spirit animal and yes, I’m slightly obsessed. I used to have a collection of little blue deer, people would stuff at like yard sales and on Etsy and send to me, which is really cute and sweet, but my husband kind of got over all the deer stuff, ha ha, so I’ve dialed it back. But Christmas is the season when all deer can go on display, so of course naturally I’m drawn to these darling deer accents. I try to make a point to head to Homegoods on the day after Christmas to snap up all their discounted deer items too, while the real reindeer are sleeping off their big night out, I’m out and about scouting their (decor) bretheren. Anyway, these are just a few of my fave deer decorations I’ve seen on Pinterest lately, hope you enjoy and it puts you in the most festive of moods!

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