Happy Spring Break!  I’m well on my way to Chillville, lol.  Since I don’t have kids, I don’t usually do spring break, but this year, we are going on a Caribbean cruise with 4 of our best friends.  We all live in Ft. Lauderdale, so cruising for us is super cheap (I mean, not cheap cheap, but we don’t have to buy a plane ticket, get a hotel room, etc., I could literally walk to the port here – though we’ll opt for Uber).  So South Floridians do a lot of cruising.  We’re going to my favorite island, St. Maarten, and a couple other okay ones, I’ve been pretty much everywhere in the Caribbean (once again, proximity) and I definitely have my opinions on island life – it’s not for me!  But it’s fun to have a little break and should be a great time with our friends, that’s really what it’s about, we all work really hard and feel like we never get to spend enough time together!

We are booking new projects now for the week of March 12, check out our services here, and if you have a blog or website and have questions about it, check out our handy-dandy troubleshooting guide here.  Have you been to the Caribbean?  What’s your favorite island?  If not, what are YOUR spring break plans?  I’d love to hear!  Also, this fab photo came from James Michelle Jewelry, if you can’t make it to the islands yourself, she has some fabulous coastal-inspired rings, bracelets and necklaces, really cute and beachy!


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