Champagne Tuesday


Ha ha just kidding!  It’s not really champagne Tuesday here but boy it could be.  I don’t even drink (don’t worry I’m not one of those sanctimonious non-drinkers, it just doesn’t agree with me), but it’s been such a busy and stressful week or two that I see the appeal of pressing for champagne ha ha!  I just love this image though, love the retro/vintage feel, it reminds me of the Greenbrier Resort.  Speaking of champagne, I’m off to, wait for it, Vegas for a long weekend.  Ya’ll I love Vegas (and did I mention I don’t even drink lol).  I love the people-watching, the shows, the shopping, the general kitsch (and gorgeous October weather) of it all.  So even though I’m super-crazy with work I’m trying to get in the party mood and this is my start, hope you enjoy!

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