How to Categorize a WordPress Blog Post

If you have been blogging for awhile and are making some updates or wish to reorganize your WordPress blog, you may want to recategorize or reorganize your blog categories.  While you can always go to each individual post and edit the categories, this can get time-consuming!  So WordPress has some easy ways to quickly recategorize your blog posts, or bulk edit them.  Feel free to watch the step by step video, or use the steps and screenshots below:

Step 1:  In your blog dashboard, go to Posts > All Posts.  This will bring you all of your posts.
categorize posts screenshot 1

Simply hover your mouse over the post title, and the blue Quick Edit link will appear.  Just click this link.

Step 2:  Now, you can easily add or remove a category from your blog post.
categorize posts screenshot 2

In the categories dropdown, just click the box next to the category you want to add the post to.  If you wish to remove the post from a category, just click the check box to deselect it.  When you are done, click the blue Update button.  The post will now appear in your specified category(ies).  Remember, you cannot add a new category here, so if you want to bulk-add new categories, my suggestion is to go to an existing post, and follow Step 13 on my tutorial, How to Set Up a WordPress Blog Post here.  Step 13 deals with adding new categories to blog posts.  You can always follow the two above steps to remove the categories from the post you just edited if you wish.

If you want to bulk-add many blog posts to a category, you can bulk-edit your posts.  Go back to your Dashboard and go to Posts > All Posts.
Step 1:

Click the box next to the posts you want to add to a new category.  Alternately, if you prefer to recategorize all posts on the page, click the Title box above the post names, and then select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.  Finally, click Apply.

Step 2:
categorize posts screenshot 4Now, you can either select or deselect the categories you want all the posts to appear in.  When you are done, just click the blue Update button.

This is very helpful if you want to remove all posts from a certain category.  It’s just a quick and easy way to edit your posts without having to go to each individual post.  You can reorganize as much as you want.

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