Who does not love a bar cart? Ahhh this brings me back to 2012 where everything was bar carts, flokati throws and ghost chairs (oh God and don’t forget Imperial Trellis!). Today I’m crushing on a more retro boho style of bar cart, gone are the shiny brass and acrylic, I’m digging these repurposed, vintage-look vignettes. Even though I don’t drink and tend not to keep alcohol in my house, I did have a little water bar for awhile, till I moved and the movers were like, “Uhhh do you want us to pack all this water?” So I just gave it to them, who cares, and poof, my bar cart days were done. Such a chic and cozy look though, I’m thinking it might be time to reintroduce the bar cart for the holidays what about you guys, bar carts yes or no?

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