Can You Stand It?

So we are building a home, which I dare not go into here, it’s crazy because I’m a designer but I just can’t get into the nitty gritty of my very own home, especially the architectural part minus that I have a bathtub and an office, I truly don’t care. It’s nothing fancy either, so at this point I’m not getting overly excited about it, it seems like a long way between here and there, especially in these pandemic times. But at a meeting with the architects, they asked about nightstands believe it or not. As in, do we want room for two nightstands on either side of beds in bedrooms. I had to laugh, as I am a total two nightstand kind of gal! I love the symmetry of nightstands, and I need a spot to put all my sleepytime accoutrements: ear plugs, eye mask (total light sleeper here!), ipad, hand lotion, prayer journal lol the list goes on. Anyway, I just got a kick out of the fact that I guess I’m not the only person in the world who is picky about the double nightstand thing, so I took a moment to pick out some of my favorites lately, and there you have it, my Pinterest inspiration so far!

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