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I’m sure by now you’re familiar with my opinion that Scandinavian designers have it all over when it comes to well, design, but I gotta say, Australia is no slouch either!  I have made no secret of my love for Aussies, I’ve had tons of Australian clients and they are seriously the best, I know it’s kind of a stereotype, but they’re so cool, laid-back and just slap nice.  Love you guys!  There’s tons of fab design in Australia too, like this fab little furnishings company I discovered, Ha’Veli of Byron Bay.  But not only is it super beautiful (and quite frankly reasonably priced) reclaimed-style furnishings, they have a Balinese and Indian-inspired luxe cottage in Byron Bay (AU)  you can actually stay in.  So you can like, live in the furniture, Paddington bear-style, how cool is that?!

I’ve been hesitant to get on a plane to Australia only because I’m a wreck for days even after a trip to Las Vegas (and I’m just talking jet lag, I don’t even drink!).  So crossing multiple time zones and multiple days is a little nerve-wracking to me, I feel like I’d need a week there before I even felt back to normal, but I keep seeing things that tell me that a trip is well worth my while, so maybe it’s in the cards.  Have you guys been to Australia?  Would love to hear, and definitely check these guys out, their stuff is beautiful and I’m sure they’re nice.

{ all photos from Ha’Veli of Byron Bay }





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