Bourgeoisie Boho

Oh hi!  Just going back to my roots a little bit today with some forgotten standards.  Back when I started my blog in 2009, I posted pretty much all boho, every day.  I have branched out a lot since then, but this Euro Boho style remains my absolute favorite.  The edgy, uncontrived styling, the textures and shades, I love it all.  I spent a long time trying to recreate these looks in my home and just for the record, here’s the reason I could never quite pull it off.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I finally figured out, it’s the architectural details!  You know how if you go to Europe, or even search flats in Paris or Stockholm on Airbnb, they all have that fabulous chippy wood, the ceiling moulding, the louvered windows?  Those are all of the kind of intangible elements that make such a perfect setting for shots like these.

It’s kind of like I spent a really long trying to figure out why I would try to duplicate an outfit on Pinterest, but it never looked quite as good on me as on the model?  I’m not a size 0!  That hit me like a ton of bricks one day too, it’s like, the bones of a place (or person, I guess) that provide the perfect backdrop for a certain outfit or interior style, you’ve just got to have the right canvas.  And since I current don’t, nor do I wish to subsist on watermelon and coffee, it’s all good, I’m enjoying looking not quite perfect, and I’ll just enjoy this inspiration, hope you do too!


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