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Hello all!  I’m up early this morning because I’m getting on a plane in a min to head up to my spiritual home (my real home is right here in south Florida), but like all good south Floridians, I’m escaping to New England for awhile.  You really have to if you live down here, it’s just a thing.  I could write a book on reasons I love New England but one of the main things is the whole aesthetic.  Boston in my opinion has hands-down the best fashion (I know, I know not NYC?!).  But honestly, I love that clean-cut, preppy J. Crew style.  And it’s all over.  The men all still wear ties, and there’s lots of cardis and pearls and ladylike handbags and driving loafers.  Love it!  Plus I love the architecture, Boston is a gorgeous city and of course we will be heading down to the Cape as well (which inspired my inspiration photos, above).  It’s a reserved, well-mannered, conservative city (pretty much the polar opposite of where I live, God love ya crazy Miami!).  And it’s just super refreshing to go up there for awhile.

In summer.  We go in the winter too and it’s a whole other story, I honestly love where I live in the wintertime, it’s a magical place, the weather is breathtakingly spectacular, there’s so much to do, you can exercise outside every day, it’s no wonder so many Europeans hop on a plane and head down here, I love it when they come.  But nothing beats a New England August and I feel super lucky to be able to enjoy it.  So be sure to follow along on my Instagram (I don’t repost on my Insta, it’s all my own travel photos, I know I’m a bad blogger that way but I just really love photography) for all my New England inspo!  And everyone, stay cool!



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