Boho in Bloom

Spring is springing a little early this year, at least in my neck of the woods, and this year I am all about that flora and fauna!  As a historic plant-killer (I definitely have a brown thumb!), I am looking for more artificial foliage this year, and it’s me and rest of the world apparently, because it seems like everything is out of stock.  I keep looking though, my vibe lately is cypress plants and trees, I just love the boho look they have.  I was on the artificial fig tree kick for awhile but the leaves are so big that they tend to look fake in person, I like something that is as lifelike as possible (who doesn’t?!).  But I just love these color palettes, the chalkboard walls, white wood floors and white and silver boho touches, so I’m definitely bookmarking these as fresh fun spring inspo!

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