Boho Bedroom Beauty

Your bedroom is definitely your sanctuary during these days, even if you’re not doing much sleeping in it. My sleeping has gotten sooo much better, it was a rough few weeks early on, along with the rest of America as I know, but things have calmed and so has my mind. So I can turn my attention back to thinking of it as a place of rest rather than a place to toss, turn and worry (I hope!). The change of seasons always makes me want to switch things up, and linens and pillows are a great way to do this! So consider some fresh white linen sheets, a light cotton comforter, and fluffy throw pillows in natural textures and materials for an easy, fresh update. And keep it cool, studies show we sleep better when it’s cooler so crank up that air or install a ceiling or floor fan if you can, a cool breeze sets your mind at ease!

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