Blue Velvet

Velvet season is upon us!  Velvet is probably one of my favorite fabrics for fall and winter, and I don’t limit it to nighttime either.  I have a pair of purple velvet pants (bought them from Victoria’s Secret catalog of all places, but I had them tailored because of course they fit like crap and now they’re like couture, woo hoo!), and I wear them with flat boots and a turtleneck sweater and it’s totally fine for daytime wear.  I have a subscription to Elle magazine (like an actual, hard copy subscription, I get it so I can read it by the pool, it’s the only way I keep up with fashion, I’m very old-school that way) and apparently velvet booties are totally in this season.  Which is great, if impractical unless you have a private car and driver (but isn’t that so often the case with fashion?!).  So here is some of my favorite latest velvet inspiration (in blue of course!), I hope you get something special and velvet this season!


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