Blue Suede Shoes

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Blue Suede Shoes

So this is another huge departure for me on the blog!  Earlier this week I posted a video (I know, earth-shattering, right?!) and today is my first ever OOTD post – party on!  I’ve always considered myself an interior design blogger but I get a little bored with that, and I do love fashion, so I’m starting series number 2, OOTDs.  Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you (and taking the photos involves cajoling my husband into going outside and actually taking the pictures, which isn’t the easiest thing ever so no worries there.

Also, I would never claim to be, nor do I wish to be, a fashion blogger.  I love to do custom blog design for fashion bloggers, those are always some of my favorite blog designs, so I was thinking I would test it out myself.  Now, once again, like with the video series, I’m a big believer in authenticity when blogging.  You can’t just wait around till you have a DSLR camera, professional lighting and a wardrobe full of Isabel Marant to start a fashion blog.  You have to just go for it!  So, I grabbed my iphone, my husband, and ran a few Photoshop actions, and there you have it!

As far as the outfit goes, I live in a big city and I walk pretty much everywhere.  So I never do heels, I prefer flats and I also really love the look of a little dress with some chukkas, moccasins, or sneakers.  It just adds a hip edge to your look.  I kept the jewelry minimal too, the sunglasses are enough of a statement on their own.  Anyway!

The dress is from H + M but unfortunately, last fall, but I’m including a few similar looks below.  And the Dolce Vita moccasins I just bought but at Saks Off Fifth, so that’s hit or miss, however, you can check out these similar ones here (they’re more of a sneaker than an espadrille but I think they would look really cool).  And I have some other Dolce Vita picks below too.  Basically really any dress with flats or sneakers instead of heels is just an edgy and cool look, and it’s pretty much my signature.  I hope you guys like it!  I’d love to check out your OOTD posts so please feel free to leave a link below!


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