Blue Bash


Ya’ll I love this Little Blue Deer-inspired tablescape (okay, it’s not actually inspired by Little Blue Deer but still – check the antler!).  I just thought it was super-sweet and cheerful for a Tuesday morning.  I actually finally had a relaxing weekend, I can’t even, like, I was in Vegas and that just killed me, I seriously do not know how people do it.  It took me a full two weeks to recover from 3 days there.  But this weekend we had pretty much nothing to do and it was fab.  I cleaned my house, scrubbed down the balcony for fall (our summer starts…now!) and played some pretty great tennis, despite this crazy wind here.  I am super picky and super organized and travel always throws me off.  I’m a bad traveler!  I get stressed really easily and it just throws me for a loop.  I wish I could be one of those backpacker types who airbnbs all over the world with like 3 outfits but I pretty much require an over-the-limit checked bag and a four star hotel lol!  So hopefully the weekend will make for the start of a great week, I wish everyone the same, and take heart, election is almost over!  God help us, party on!

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