Bloomers + Baubles



I don’t know about you but I am absolutely woeful when it comes to underpinnings.  I am so bad about buying it, so my husband now buys me a bunch of underwear at Victoria’s Secret whenever he goes to on a trip to the big mall because he knows I won’t do it myself, he’s good that way (he buys my running shoes too, it is very thoughtful!).  But I am pretty utilitarian when it comes to stuff like that, I want it to be sturdy, to last, and to not show through my clothes, I am probably the most pragmatic person I know.  But there is definitely a side of me who wishes I was the kind of woman who could pull off satin bloomers on the daily!  I just, I would never.  But I love these!  And the earrings and necklace too, it’s all about the details.  So this is one of my fantasy outfits, hope you likee!  

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