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Good morning!  Excited for the upcoming holiday?  I am too, we are taking a quick jaunt down to Islamorada, so I’m sharing some seafoam green inspiration this morning in anticipation of the weekend.  I love to create inspiration boards when I am working on blog designs, and they’re my favorite way to promote my custom blog design and custom website design services on Pinterest (more on Pinterest problems later this week, omg, what the heck is going on, Pinterest?!)  As a blog designer of course I focus on color, so for a blog design I usually start with a main color or two (in this case seafoam green) and build from there.  As you can see from the inspiration photos, straw and raffia are awesome complements to this color, and clearly (as usual), you can’t go wrong with gold mixed in either.  So enjoy, feel free to pin away, and if  you want a custom blog design of your very own don’t forget to visit me here!  Do you have any exciting (or unexciting) holiday plans?



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