Black, White and Gold All Over

Who else is DIY-ing their way through the quarantine? My Pinterest account has gone crazy and I only hope that the ideas I post on the blog are inspiring you to get creative! One of my favorite things to post about are moodboards, and the good news about moodboards and art collages is that you already have everything you need to make them at home usually. If you have a decent printer you can print out most images manually, so if you see something you like from a blog or Pinterest, it’s a great way to temporarily (or permanently) save your inspiration. And you can order all kinds of frames, I’m looking a fresh black, white and gold combination for spring, the cool thing about framed art is you can easily switch it up according to your mood.

And since we’ll all be at home for awhile, when you get sick of it, easy to switch out, even weekly if you want! So here’s some of my fave fresh inspiration to get you glam! Stay safe and stay home, and enjoy!

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