Black Tea in Bed




Of course, I’m up working like the rest of world, but today seems like a great day to drink tea in bed!  It also reminded me of that Squeeze song, “Black Coffee in Bed” and then of course of all Squeeze songs, do yourself a favor and crank up the 45s album on Spotify, if you’re in the least bit a child of the 80s it will put a big smile on your face – happy music!  My inspiration photos today come from, found of course on Pinterest where all they do is sell, sell, sell now – at least this is something I would be somewhat interested in! These guys print your instagram photos so you can do one of those cool little photo collages (they print them in squares for you) or a photo book, and with Christmas right around the corner, I already have my eye out for unique gifts, I doubt anyone wants a book of my summer in Boston but if you have photos with family or friends it could be really hip and cute.  Anyway, you can check it out, and if not, just enjoy the peace and harmony.
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