Black on Blonde





Black on blonde, could there be a more glamorous combination?


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  1. Stunning.

  2. Gorgeous, the model in the photographs looks so fierce. I am wishing you a fabulous day!

  3. Tres glam!

  4. probably not! i remember going from blonde to dark hair and thinking it wouldn’t be as fun to wear black :)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS….this is really fabulous. You know, I always wanted to be a blond. I am very, very brunette, even at my age, I have never colored my hair, and I still have a nice head of BLACK HAIR. But my cousins were blonds or redheads, and I felt left out! :) So as a kid, I remember putting on a yellow mop on my head, strutting around the house; my mother quickly snatched off my make-shift wig. Just last year for a dress up day at my school, I sported a blond wig. I shocked my students, and I even shocked myself when I took a look in the mirror! THIS IS NOT MY COLOR! But oh, is it fabulous against black velvet, lace or anything elegant! Lovely posts as always Shari! Anita

  6. somtimes, i wish i was gorgeous & blonde :) this is one of those times! ♥

  7. So glamourous and fabulous and gorgeous shoes, too. I’m a black on blonde, a natural blonde who went over to the dark side. xxx

  8. amazing, blondes i black tend to look great!

  9. Gorgeous photos!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. So very glamorous!

  11. I never wear black, but these pics are making me reconsider!

    dagny :)

  12. STUNNING and so ARRESTING, killer combination!!! xoxo

  13. In the words of Paris Hilton ‘That’s hot!’ love the images, love the combo.. I hope I have the same affect on people when I wear my LBD, despite the fact I have ginger hair! :) Hazel

  14. Nice !!!…love Ria…..

  15. yes, glam indeed! that model is gorgeous.

  16. Love this combo!

  17. She is unbelievably gorgeous! This post is making me grateful that I am having my hair foiled later! xo

  18. Gorgeous! I wish I could pull off that shade of blond.
    XO Piper

  19. No, I do not believe there could be! Gorgeous photos<3

    xo Lynzy

  20. Very stunning. Love the hair. How come I can’t get mine to look that way? LOL!

  21. Hi Shari,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love yours by the way, especially these images :)

  22. Someday those black lace shoes will be MINE!

  23. Been blonde all my life and until a few years ago – it was natural, now it gets a little help. I think redheads also look great in black, and okay so does dark hair – with a swipe of bright red lipstick. I agree with M.A. – that model looks fierce.

  24. This makes me love being blonde even more than I already did …. it makes me sad that my hair is slowly getting darker :(

  25. these pictures are so beautiful! amazing editorial!

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  26. Simply stunning! I am in love with her dresses!

  27. A divine combination, Sahri!
    The dresses are perfect for drinks in Paris and New York. Have a nice day, my lovely;-)

  28. Its beautiful images like this that made me dump a bottle of “Sun-In” in my hair in 6th grade… guess what this greek girl looked like- not those beautiful shots above I can tell you that! xo

  29. Hey Shari :)

    Steamy. Sultry. Exotic. Love the fashion! Hope you’re having a fab day :)

  30. So beautiful! I wish I could pull off blonde hair.

  31. I remember wanting to be blonde when I was a child..but I’ve grown to love my brunette hair. Beautiful pics! Thanks for stopping by my dear, the feeling is mutual ; )

  32. Mmmmh, Brigitte Bardot-ish with a modern twist. Tres glamour!

  33. i can’t say i exactly RELATE since i’m a brunette, but i think this is DEFINITELY a glamorous look :)

  34. I wish I could try this look out myself but when I tried to dye my hair blonde, it went green! haha This is such a super chic look! :)

  35. Uber gorgeous photos Shari! Glamour’s oozing out of these images heavily! :)

  36. So glamorous!! Just stumbled upon you blog… lovely pictures and I LOVE the garrison keillor quote. He’s so awesome.

  37. Very glamourous combination! ANd, I love the shoes in the second picture!

    Also, be sure to check out the giveaway going on at my blog right now! :)

  38. Very beautiful indeed!

  39. so beautiful!! I love your blog!! Thank you for stopping by mine!!!! I will be putting you on my list of daily reads!!!

  40. ..oh my ..she is amazing , so beautiful , and it really suits her – that blonde look ..and I want those heels in picture number 2 ..

    ..I think every person have their own hair colour , and it’s so important to find the right one ..there is girls who can be blonde and who can’t , and the model is just PERFECT ..But for mr – I can’t be blonde ..

    ..sorry for not being around , been so busy , don’t even have time for my pc and enjoying the last week in Latvia ..then rainy UK again..ehhh

    Ellinelle xxx

  41. one word: gorgeous…..


  42. fab and gorgeous pics as always! :)

    <3, Mimi

  43. Stunning! It exudes glamor. Just gorgeous, Shari! xoxo

  44. Geeez! Those shoes and that dress are calling my name!

  45. Black and Gold. Gorgeousness!

  46. Gorgeously sexy. Makes me wish I did not cut my hair… oh, well:)

  47. I think I would actually kill for hair like hers! Gorgeous pics, v sensual. xx

  48. Thalk about bringing sexy back…Love the seductiveness of this post!!!


  49. Dramatic and beautiful!

  50. It’s the perfect combination! That editorial is amazing!

  51. when i was blonde, black drained the colour outta me but this girl looks amazing! her skin is like creamy! love it!! ps i added the cosmo blog award to my blog :) thanks for giving me the confidence to go for it! xo

  52. I think her skin tone is lovely which makes the black look gorgeous on her. I know a lot of blondes that hate wearing black. Too stark but I guess with that creamy with a bit of olive tone works really well!

  53. Oh stunning! I love that last image, i wish i was blonde sometimes! hehe


  54. very glamorous.

  55. Dramatic and Engaging. LOVE IT!

  56. those heels! GAH! gorgeous :)

    xo Alison

  57. Gorgeous! Since my hair is almost black, wish I could do the reverse!

  58. nice contrast. love that first shot in particular. and those heels in the second shot! bah-damn!

  59. Wow! Hot.

  60. Those photos are beautiful…. I’m feeling a bit redundant, but it’s true. You’re blog is a treat to read everyday. 😀

  61. you’re right, it is such a fab comination! pics like these make me wish I were blonde for a day. Must embrace brunette-ness! Happy a-l-m-o-s-t weekend!

  62. I am blond and have a closet full of black clothes so how do I get from that to such gorgeousness :)))

  63. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – and thank you for following me too. Love your blog and will put you on my sidebar. I look forward to going thru pat posts.

  64. gorgeous photos, i adore the third!

    Chic on the Cheap

  65. Very glamorous indeed!! That last picture is my favorite!

  66. gorgeous pictures! so glam. xoxolannie.

  67. Seeing these pictures makes me realize just how bad my roots are! Good thing I get my hair done next Tuesday =)

  68. Black is my absolute reach for colour every time! Although I think at 54 I need to refer to myself as a Blonde-Grey!
    Millie ^_^

  69. I love this editorial, she is such a stunner!
    Rianna xxx

  70. oh my god – the shoes!!!! ok i can feel a need for some shoe shopping this weekend now :)

    hope you have a lovely weekend darl xx

  71. Glamourously gorgeous! In classic style!

  72. Gorgeous! LOVE your blog. LOVE! xo

  73. These photos are gorgy!

  74. Wow, stunning photos! I love the contrast.