Black is Back

So we’ve finally moved, it’s fantastic, and I just can’t be happier.  It’s been a little crazy, as moving always is but I’ve done it so many times I’m used to it.  This is it though, we bought a condo so we’ll probably be in it at least 10 years.  Anyway!  So we painted everything a light dove gray but I think I made a mistake on my office, we overlook all of south Broward county all the way to Miami AND we can see the ocean, lots and lots of ocean.  So it’s a spectacular view but I thought going beachy would be a good theme, so I decided to do the office in a very light aqua.  But ya’ll, it’s too aqua and too beachy.  So I needed art anyway and I decided to do all black.  Like, black and white, but mostly black.  It’s the only thing I can think to dial back the beachy and give it a little edge.  So I’m just feeling really inspired by this chic black and white!

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