Birth of the Cool

Confused about how to bring your ho-hum living space to something a little more bright and edgy?  It’s actually really easy without much expense or effort.  Nothing makes a room more boring than blah, mass-produced artwork that you picked up at Homegoods (nothing against Homegoods, I love Homegoods!).  But one single piece of statement art can change the whole look of a room, like this gorgeous framed art poster, above.  I myself am a big fan of typography or anything with words on it, trust me, it adds an edge.

The other option is a pop of color, if your space is all beige, taupe, ecru, blue or green, try adding a pop of pink like this scrumptious pink velvet sofa, see how everything else in the room is kind of monochrome and sleek?  It would be totally boring if not for the sofa.  Or you can go as simple as a cluster of pink candles or the tiniest piece of fluorescent pink art or a pillow.  You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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