Well, I’m ba-ack from the cruise.  Here is a photo from our trip.  Ba ha ha I ‘m totally kidding, whatevs, more like Dad and me bellying up to the buffet with a pack of sunburned Canadians (which is pretty much daily life in Ft. Lauderdale anyway so I’m fully used it).  I survived.  And I couldn’t come up with a title for this post, but I thought the photo looked all sophisticated and bicoastal, so I will leave you with this.  My friend sometimes sends me screenshots from women he sees on Tinder, and he sent me one of a cheesy blonde (it wasn’t me) who said she was tricoastal.  And he said “You know what that means.  She doesn’t have a real house and she couch surfs and housesits.”  It’s the Internet kids, you can portray yourself as anything you want.  Have fun with that!
{blog image via Pinterest}




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