Beauty Cabinet

Loving this bathroom cabinet!  Definitely not mine!  Opinions please, is this too much stuff?!  I have spent about a million dollars on my face this year, lol, not really, but I had this storage unit (which I’ve posted about a dozen times, about getting rid of your stuff and paring down) and this year I determined that I would calculate up how much that storage unit (which I got rid of) was costing me and invest instead in my skin.  So far I’ve had Sculptra, Botox and fractional laser (which feels like a million bees stinging your face, for the record lol).  So, I’ve set up a pretty solid dermatology routine, I just told the doctor how much I was comfortable spending (and of course it has ended up to be more, naturally) and he suggested a course of treatment.  Now, my goal, at 43, is to look fabulous at 53.  So nothing I’m doing is supposed to provide instant results or look fake, it’s more about doing things now so I keep looking halfway decent into my 50s and 60s.  Preventative, if you will.

But where I really fall down is skincare products.  Right now, for real, I just use Cetaphil cleanser, Olay Regenerist and sunscreen.  But then I see a photo like this and I’m like man, am I missing the boat?!  But how can you use so much stuff though?  I feel like if I’m using the big guns, dermatology-wise, I should be able to just do the basics of skincare at home, like, what cream is going to do what the bee-stinging laser does, amirite??  Plus I’m always so busy so I like a fast and easy routine.  But then I think maybe I’m missing the boat.  Anyway, I’m rambling, but I’m really curious to hear opinions on your fave products and anything that is streamlined (and works!).  Leave a comment below, if you’re so inclined!

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