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Happy Holidays, ya’ll!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Mine was very quiet as I was over here on the west coast taking care of my dad, he can’t do much for himself (or perhaps won’t) and it’s kind of a lot of work.  Plus I have to give him shots which, I mean, no fun!!  So I was feeling kind of sad and sorry for my lonely holiday (though grateful, so grateful, he is still here with us).  But what really made my holiday was the touching and wonderful story of Johnny, the homeless veteran from Philly who used his last $20 to buy gas for a stranded girl.  Ya’ll this touched me!  I know it touched a lot of people too because so far this gal has raised almost $300k for Johnny, so a lot of people must have kicked in more than my paltry $5!  I think what moved me about it was this gentleman’s character.  You always feel bad for people who are sick or have lost their homes in disasters, etc. but I really feel like what made this story such a viral sensation was the selflessness and character of this man who literally took his last $20 to help a stranded motorist.

So I’ve spent some time this weekend wondering if I would do that, were I in Johnny’s shoes.  Humans are by nature plagued by fear – fear of not having enough, fear of losing something we have.  So we thrift and hoard away, when truly, giving things away is the best way to keep them!  So I’m hoping to hold some of this generous spirit with me throughout this holiday season and beyond.

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