Ballet Pink




Ballet pink conveys such a nostalgic femininity and elegance, wouldn’t you agree? 

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  1. OH YES……with the white-wash look of Shabby Chic? I am all there….but this year I am putting away my pink, just for a while, to make way for TURQUOISE or light aqua to accompany my white…but pink, it will always have a place in the heart of my décor! THANKS FOR YOUR SWEET COMMENTS, SHARI!

    Bisous, Anita

  2. It sure does, especially with that beautiful mirrored armoire to give it such dignity.

  3. Yes! I agree…I love the softenss of light pink and that closet is beautiful:)
    Have a great Tuesday,sweetie

  4. Ahhh, there is nothing prettier than pink!
    I love these soft, romantic images that really stirs the imagination. Lovely.


  5. Shari, those pale pink ballet Repettos caught my attention. Lovely images!


  6. By far my favourite colour of pink! That armoire is gorgeous!

  7. I would agree one hundred percent, Shari!! That last image is so dainty and gorgeous. I love all the little details.

    If I could have that space and the bathroom that Debby (Inspired Design) posted, I would feel like a princess!!


  8. did you make those pictures yourself??? AMAZING!
    Really girly……*sigh*…. THanks for sharing!


  9. Yes please I love ballet pink!

  10. Lovely post! I love your header! Is it new?

  11. I love the amoire, and the little pink shorts are too cute.

  12. I think ballet pink might be the most romantic color. And those shorts are my favorite!

  13. Ciao bellissima
    that’s definitely one of my favorite colors.. here we call it “rosa ballerina”..isn’it cute ??
    Kiss kiss xxx

  14. isn’t ballet pink the most romantic of all? Love it!

  15. I definitely agree! Its romantic and classy! =)

  16. Romantic, soft, beautiful….agree!!

  17. Never heard it called Ballet Pink before, it is soooo discriptive and so this colour….love it !
    Hugs Lynn xx

  18. all the way! I am intrigued by that painting in the top right of the last collage – nice.

  19. I’ve also never heard of that shade referred to as ballet pink before but it’s such an apt description, really evocative.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  20. used ballet pink and gold as a color combo in our wedding-it was very romantic

  21. I do agree…. love the sweet flower petals.

    xoxo Laura

  22. I would agree! haha so you remember what I commented on your guest post the other week. TOO cute. I like Men’s degree! oh man we are weird. 😉

  23. Pretty pictures.

  24. I agree!!! Very pretty!

  25. totally agree! love it!

  26. gorgeous as always! I can’t wait to get my little girl in ballet :)

  27. Oh these pictures make me want to be a ballet dancer again!


  28. Oh so pretty.

  29. My FAVORITE color!
    Have a pretty day!

  30. 100%. Pink has always been my favorite color. It is the sheer essence of feminine beauty. I adore this post. xxoo

  31. Ballet pink is the best shade of pink… gentle, soft but not overtly feminine. I love the armoire.

  32. So romantic!

  33. Yes! The shorts are so pretty…love the armoire too.

  34. It has the ability to conjure up many, many sweet memories that are a little more pastel in my memory bank. For a subtle color, it sure takes you visually and mentally a long, long way. So sweet :) XO, Kelly

  35. Shari, I couldn’t agree more! It is like the blush of a new romance–fresh, tender, and pure. The peonies make my heart sing. xo,

  36. victorian chic-
    I don’t know if I could pull off wearing it-

  37. I love ballet pink so much! The perfect color for sure!

  38. Ahhhh, gorgeous photos. I love Ballet pink! This post reminds me of the only pair of pointe shoes I had. In high school I let one of the cast members of our school play borrow them and I never got them back : ( I often think of contacting her on facebook to get them back but I doubt she still has them. I have never felt so elegant than in a pair of pointe shoes. Maybe I should just go buy another pair and wear them around the house!ha ha

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  39. LOVE! That first pretty corset, flowers, and those ballerina slippers are so feminine + romantic!

  40. Yes, indeed. Makes me want to lounge around in a tutu and tights. My mom just came over with an old ballet costume of my mine and I’m dying to get Emerson to try it on.

  41. I’d love to prance around in those shorts, truly gorgeous. xxx

  42. Beautiful.. goes well with the grayish weather here.. i like this color mood!

  43. mmmm, gorgeous! Thank you for reminding me why pink is one of my favey colors : ) Love your pics, ALWAYS. i heart little blue deer!

  44. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the colour of the shorts and flowers together in the first photo, beautiful! xxxx

  45. i definitely agree! love those flowers in the second photo!

    <3, Mimi

  46. gorgeous…one of my favorite colors!

  47. so pretty! makes me wish i still danced!!

  48. It is such a pretty color :) And those flowers are gorgeous!

  49. Looks fabulously luxuriant to me!!!

  50. yes! its such a soft and feminine colour, i totally agree! :)
    Olivia x

  51. personally i am blue girl ~ but this post definitely is swaying me to let ballet pink come into my life :)

  52. Love ballet pink! Oh, and peonies!! The most perfect flower ever. I am in search of a ballet pink nailpolish for my short nails… (too much cleaning, not enough traveling)! xo

  53. hey :)

    thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

    your blog is so great..i follow you too 😉

    have a wonderful week :)

  54. Gorgeous, sweetie! So soft, elegant and indeed romantic!

    Hope I get to see u this weekend! :) xoxo

  55. This magical colour makes
    me feel warm inside,ethereal..
    merci for your *sweet

  56. So feminine and romantic. I love it when they call this colour ‘blush’ – sums the mood up perfectly. V English rose and delicate. xx

  57. What beautiful images. Especially those peonies. Peonies are amongst my favorite flowers (can anyone really only have a favorite flower?)

  58. Shari I can’t stop staring at that first picture. Help! I think it’s been burned into my mind. Beautiful!!


  59. I love the first picture. It’s a story with a thousand words! gorgeous 😉

  60. Love that color – so romantic and pretty. Following you now (-:

  61. typically, i do not like pink. but when it takes me back to my time at the bar in ballet, it makes me smile :)

  62. Ballet pink is an utterly beautiful colour and it’s so soft and sweet. I adore it.

  63. I want that, scratch, need that mirror chest!

  64. Oh my…so pretty!!!

  65. It certainly oozes femininity just like these pics! Beautiful! xx

  66. I agree 100% pink always makes me feel so girly…


  67. ooooh! I agree 100% completely! Perfect color. Perfect Pictures!

  68. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just love yours, your photos are so beautiful!! I am your newest follower!

  69. So chic. Love it.

  70. these images are just too gorgeous!

  71. following u as well & will stalk the links below to beautify my blog :)

  72. Hi Shari,

    Yes, I adore ballet pink and all these dreamy and romantic photos you have shared.
    Hope that you are having a great week


  73. Oh yes, I agree!!! I still have my old ballet shoes!!


  74. I love ballet pink!!!!!!
    And as I was a little girl, I was a ballett dancer, but only a short time!!!!!!!
    Have a great day,

  75. i love ballet, i did it for a year when i was like 5..but unfort gave up to soon…love these colours and images as always my dear! :) x

  76. Gasp, that closet! I want it!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog while I was away :)