Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

9bcdade7fe220268d0a2ce17c47422e2Baby, it’s cold outside!  I wanted to share this nice city guide I received from Kendra Thornton, travel writer, about one of my favorite cities, Chicago!

Great things to do in Chicago

The Windy City is known for many great sights, from parks to professional sports teams. While you may be at a loss to decide where to visit on your next trip to Chicago, I have a few personal favorites that are a must-see, in my opinion.

1. Stroll along the Michigan Avenue Bridge
The Michigan Avenue Bridge in Chicago is a site that is not to be missed! This historic bridge is a designated landmark and is filled with famous sculptures that visitors can view as they stroll across the bridge.  Spanning the Chicago River, the Michigan Avenue Bridge is centrally located in downtown Chicago.

2. Ride the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier Park
While Navy Pier Park is a popular spot for tourists, many locals also spend a great deal of time here, as well. Navy Pier Park boasts a 150 foot tall Ferris wheel where visitors can catch a birds-eye view of the windy city. Relaxing and peaceful, this popular Chicago Park is a great place to visit, whether you are vacationing here or reside in Chicago. The Ferris wheel in Navy Pier Park is modeled after the first Ferris wheel, which was built in 1893 for the Chicago World Columbian Exposition.

3. Great hotels through out the city
Don’t forget to find the perfect hotel for your Chicago vacation. The city offers a number of luxury and historic hotels, it is difficult to list them all. I recommend staying within the city limits; it will dramatically cut the price you will have to pay for cab fares and you can explore the city at your own pace!

4. Get a great meal at Glenn’s Diner
What’s a vacation without some great meals? If you are tired of chain restaurants and are looking for a place to experience great Chicago food, make sure you stop at Glenn’s Diner! Located on West Montrose Avenue, Glenn’s Diner offers breakfast all day and great seafood specials. Glenn’s Diner is known for its unique assortment of cereals and delicious meals. The next time you are in Chicago, make sure you make eating at Glenn’s Diner a priority on your vacation to-do list.

Whenever you visit Chicago, try to find a few new places to visit on your vacation. Rather than visit the same chain restaurants and stay at the same hotel you always stay at, try something new and eat at Glenn’s Diner or explore the various sites. As you are riding the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier Park or admiring the sculptures on the Michigan Avenue Bridge, you will be glad that you are seeing these Chicago sights.

{photo via Vogue UK}



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