Are You Looking For Writing Tips? 10 Best Tips For Smart Writing

There is a misconception that the bigger words you write, the smarter your article sounds. A big NO – Do you know a fact that a writing style that includes heavy words and complex sentence formation shows the complexity of a writer. 

The simple rule of writing is to communicate with the reader without uttering a word. That’s the reason why people need a writer and that’s the beauty of writing. If the reader is unable to understand what you are trying to convey then there is something seriously wrong with your writing. 

Every educated person can write but the story building can only be done by a professional writer. The only way to write smartly is not to try to sound smart, just go with the flow. 

Writing that is simple and easy to understand is considered Brilliant writing. As it conveys the idea directly and clearly to the reader. 

Here are 10 ways you can start sounding brilliant:

Be precise

Precise doesn’t mean you always need to choose short sentences and to the point. It means to make the sentence meaningful. When you will write with this point of view then automatically it will become specific. For example: just consider these sentences: 

I love growing plants in my backyard.

I love plants like jade, orchids, palm trees and like to plant them in my backyard. 

Now out of these two sentences which one is good to read and meaningful. Obviously the first one. The sentence that makes you experience the feeling that the writer is trying to convey is the most amazing writing style. 

Choose simple words

Selecting difficult and hard words is not considered a great writing style. When you write, always remember the fact that the person who is reading your write-up doesn’t have much time and is here to experience the story and not to take a dictionary and find the meaning of big words. So try to make it creative but with simple words. Conveying the story and meaning of your article is the main purpose of writing anything, so don’t make it hard for the reader to understand. concentrate on writing and not on vocabulary. Use stronger words only if there is no other word that is matching to complete the sentence and feel of the write-up. The only mantra is “keep it simple and creative” 

Build your write-up with short sentences

When people read online or even offline, they prefer to choose the write-ups that don’t have long sentences. In this busy life, nobody has time to read long sentences, as we mentioned earlier the more simple and short it is the more engaging it will be. Long sentences kill the feel of the write-up and somewhere the reader feels lost. Lengthy sentences attract confusion more than complexity. Make sure to maintain a link between both with short sentences. 

Short paragraphs are interesting 

Medically proven that our brains collect the details that are divided into small pieces, hence long paragraphs can confuse our brain.

We all read newspapers but have you ever noticed that they have broken the information into small paragraphs. Why? That’s because it gets easier to read and understand. The ultimate goal of writing is to engage readers and make them feel the expression of writing, the same way you have written it. 

Don’t be repeat yourself

The most unaccepted thing in writing does not repeat. If You keep on telling the same thing again and again in your writing then it turns to be boring and uninteresting. Make Sure that you do not repeat and keep on enhancing your writing with surprises and a strong story. 

Do not overwrite

You can explain your story or blog in short as well then why overwrite and make the reader suffer. No reader will read lengthy articles, they wish to come and go through clear and crisp writeups. So ensure you write a little but powerful. 

Edit ruthlessly

The words and sentences that don’t make any sense, it’s better to delete them, rewrite, or shorten. If you are thinking of adding too many words in your write-up so that they look professional, then we would like to throw some light that it’s perfectly alright if you write in a casual style. Without any good reason, don’t add any extra words. 

Craft alluring Headlines

Headline shows what the article or write-up is all about, hence, it needs to be easy, understandable, and extremely catchy. If your heading wins the heart of the reader, then he/she will give the chance to read the article, otherwise, he/she won’t even take a second to skip it. 

Write with Rhythm

Your article must have symmetry, it should create a story and create a rhythm. Every sentence links with each other and must have a connection, otherwise writing is not valuable. Sync and rhythm are what holds a reader for a longer period of time, as if the connection of the reader with the write-up is disconnected then it becomes hard to reconnect. 

Write with clarity

Write with a mindset that you want your reader to connect with your write-up and this can only be possible if you write with clarity. Instead of adding long and lengthy sentences and complicated words, it’s better to write in a simple language to connect with people.  

Final Words

When it comes to reading, people prefer to read something for which they do not have to consult a dictionary. They need a write-up that is clear and crisp and easy to understand in one go. Hence, it’s recommended to follow the tips above to make your writing smarter. It’s a fact that writers need to understand that not every person who is reading your write-up is an expert in English, sometimes your article or blog is read by people who are beginners when it comes to English. Make sure that your write-up makes a connection with every sort of reader then only you will be able to give justice to your write-up. 



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