All Tied Up

So, spring is just around the corner, or at least Daylight Savings Time which in my opinion IS the start of spring (and misery for me btw), I think I suffer from what Lana Del Rey calls “Summertime Sadness” or like, and this is so weird, reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I mean, not really, I’m actually healthy as a horse in pretty much every way including I’d like to think mentally lol, but boy do I hate those long, endless, hot days!  And they last forever down here!  So to perk myself up I try to make sure that the change of season includes some wardrobe updates as well, and this year that’s going to include some new shoes!  Today I’m on a lace-up espadrille kick, so, so cute with cropped jeans, here are some of my faves, happy shopping!  Some of these ones are no longer available so I definitely recommend checking out Asos, they have a huge selection and they’re so reasonable, shop here!

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