All That and a Rubber Duck!

Okay so it’s not a rubber duck, it’s a more sophisticated take, more of a stuffed duck (though I hope it’s not real!), but I am just dying over these eclectic bathroom vignettes! That bathroom is a room that so often gets overlooked, it’s easy to just toss some fluffy matching towels over the rack and go, but truly, doing that is a waste of good design space! I love the unexpected in a bathroom, an antique oil portrait, a tiny vintage statement piece, an beautiful global throw rug. So if you have a statement item that you’re just not sure where it should go, think le bain! Even though bathrooms and powder rooms aren’t a mainstay for home tours, think about it, when you have guests, they definitely use the bathroom, right? So don’t ignore this necessary but oft forgotten element of interior design. Here’s a great jumping off spot to get you going!

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