All Eyes on Me

Some more of my favorite portrait art inspiration.  I am loving these walls papered with portraits – all eyes on me!  I think you could probably pull this off with magazine clippings, but I’m not sure how you’d mount it so that it looked professional and not like a teenager’s room.  I think part of the key is the black and white theme, it keeps things consistent and makes it look neat and cohesive.  Speaking of all eyes on me, I’m off to see the new Tupac movie tonight, ya’ll, I love me some Tupac!  First of all, we’re both Geminis, so I feel like we have the same artistic soul.  Plus, I love rap, and I believe that rap is poetry, and I believe that Tupac was a modern poet killed before his time.  Anyway, I’m pretty psyched and will keep you posted, until then, feel free to debate Tupac v. 2Pac, please!

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