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All Black Er’thing

all black everything
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Did you ever buy 5 black tank tops?  And then, just for good measure, like 10 more?  What is it with black that makes it so darn appealing and easy?!  I’m not a depressed person in fact, I’m one of the most cheerful people I know.  So why do I have 15 black tank tops, 5 black quarter-sleeve boatnecks, 12 pairs of black pants (capris, leggings, bermudas) and then I’m like, oh, I think I’m going to start wearing Zella yoga pants (black!) all summer, that’s going to be my new thing?  And if you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know about my obsession with chalkboard walls (here and here and a million other places) and that an all-black room is my secret dream.

Shiny black, matte black, black lacquer, black leather, black cotton, pique, wool, spandex, I love it all.  I’ve managed to rein myself in in our current house because it’s a super-modern sun-filled south Florida high rise and if I painted a wall black I’d just look like a crazy person who might as well just start using aluminum foil as a windowshade, but my closet is a different story.  I’m going to try so hard this summer to branch out into some color (I appreciate your support while I do!) but I already know that the next time I stroll into the Banana Republic clearance section that one more black tank top (hey, this one has a pocket!) will be coming back home with me.

Love black?  Crazy for color?  Fortunately my deep and dark obsession doesn’t extend to my blog design skills, I’m proud to say as a blog designer I can bring any vision to life!  So if you’re considering a custom blog design and you have a specific vision in mind, or if you’re wide-open, check out our blog design portfolio and see what we can do for you today!

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