Agreeable Gray

So I spared all my readers the saga of our gray walls in our new home, it wasn’t too bad but in the end we ended up going with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.  Which, if you’re looking for a good gray, you’ll find a lot out there about Agreeable Gray, it’s one of the most popular gray paint colors out there, the only thing, you think you can tell from blog posts and photos what a gray is going to look like, but you have to remember lighting and screen resolution, you still might not be seeing exactly what you will get, so paint a swatch!  Agreeable Gray is more of a warm-toned gray, with shades of griege for sure, at first I wasn’t sure but now I’m glad we have it and I like it!  But once again, you always want what you don’t have, so once again I’m salivating over these lush, dark gray walls.  They would make our house way too dark but I’m loving the look of them here, and filing away for inspiration (and our next house once we have recovered from this one, ha!).

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