How to Add Custom Fonts to Your WordPress Blog

Custom fonts are a fun and easy way to rev up your blog design!  Not everyone can afford or wants to hire a custom blog designer, so here is one way you can add fun fonts to your blog design.  You can view the video here or scroll down for step by step instructions.

Step 1:  Upload and install the Use Any Font WordPress plugin here.  If you do not know how to upload a plugin, you can check out my tutorial on adding plugins here.

Step 2:

In the Dashboard menu, go to Use Any font.  First, you must get and enable the API key.  The newly installed plugin comes with easy instructions to obtain API key.  You can upload one font for free, or multiple fonts for a donation of your choice.  I highly recommend making a donation, plugin authors spend a lot of time and money creating plugins and I think it is good form to show your appreciation.

Step 3:

Click on the blue Add Fonts button.  In the box, type the name of your font.  This does not have to be exact just a name you will recognize.  The, click the Choose File button.  The font you want to use must be installed and available on your computer.  You just need to navigate to the font file.  If you don’t know where the font is located on your computer, try using the Search function to locate the location of your font.  The file must be either an .otf or .ttf format.  Also, to use a custom font on your blog or website, you must have the license to use the font, so be sure you have permission to use the font before uploading.  Then click the blue upload button.

Step 4:

Click the blue Assign Font button.  Select your font from the dropdown menu.  Now, you have to select which element of your blog or website that you want the font to be applied to.  This is an intermediate level tutorial and you should have some knowledge of your blog to know where to add the font.  If you want the font to be applied to all of the body font on your blog, you can select body.  You can also select paragraphs, or headline text.  You may have to experiment to see where it looks best.  When you have selected the elements to apply the font to, click the blue Assign Font button at the bottom of the list.  For the purpose of this tutorial, I have selected the Blockquote, so I can make cute quotes on my blog posts in my custom font.

Step 5:

Now, you just want to go to a blog post or page.  Make sure you are on the Visual Editor tab and the Kitchen Sink is enabled (for more info on what this means, check out my How to Set Up a Blog Post tutorial here).  Type in the text you want to use with your custom font, and highlight it.  Then, in the post toolbar, select the Blockquote button (if you chose Blockquote in Step 4).  If you chose another text element, you can use the dropdown box to select that element and apply it to your text.  Now you can publish or preview your post!  And you should see your selected text rendered in the custom font you chose, just like this:

Cute, right?  This is a very basic tutorial that assumes that you have some knowledge of WordPress and posting.  However, one thing that blog designers do is to incorporate custom fonts in various areas of your blog as well as adjust colors, sizing, kerning, etc., so if you’re having a hard time or want a little more hands-on expertise, we definitely recommend checking out one of our custom blog design or custom website design packages here!  The colors, sizing etc. will depend on your blog theme so if you want something that is completely customized to YOU, definitely consider one of our services above, this tutorial is simply to demonstrate how to install and use the Use Any Font plugin.  Thanks for reading!

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