Accent Act

Fall is the season where I naturally start gravitating towards the cozy colors: indigo, aubergine, taupe and all the deep dark shades of gray, and naturally, black!  If you follow the blog you’ll already know about my abiding love for accent walls (and the middle shot here is one of my favorites, a converted farmhouse where they just painted the barn wood a deep matte bluish-black, but if you’re not quite ready (like me) to spring for an accent wall (and I feel like if you’re going to go with a statement color, unless you’re a painting pro, it should be done professionally), what about a deep, dark accent piece?  I always gravitate towards white when repainting furniture, it’s easy to use inexpensive white paint on wood, the imperfections just give it that nice distressed, shabby chic vibe, but lately I’m really loving the idea of a deep, bold black.  Especially when paired with white walls and woods, these chests and sideboards make a fabulous Fall statement!

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