A Very Boho Holiday

If you know me, you’ll know that I am kind of a minimalist at heart. I like things easy and clean, and also I’m very picky about color ha ha and red and green doesn’t always fit in with my decor, so I love Christmas woods and whites, and I’m always hesitant to bring in a lot of typical colors. So I fell in love with these lovely crisp boho inspiration shots, obvi! I also really love the Advent calendar, when we were little we had an Advent calendar that was peppermints, it was just those little wrapped peppermints but I’m telling you, those were the best tasting peppermints ever! My sister and I had to switch off, and we just had the best Christmases at our house, the Advent calendar was the first thing to come out, and it was just so, so exciting to see it hanging on the refrigerator! Ahhh, a magical time. What about you, what is your favorite Christmas or holiday memory? I really would love to hear, December is such a special and magical time when we get all nostalgic, it warms my heart and I hope it warms yours too!

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