A Real Real Vacation

Ya’ll, I am taking a vacation. Or trying to take one. I mean, I’m on one, but I’m hoping it’s a real real vacation as opposed to just a vacation. I mean, not the real kind of vacation where you get picked up from the airport in a limo (though if so I would definitely go with Limo Find for luxurious limousine rentals!). But, we’re headed up to Vermont to look for summer homes. My husband is from Boston and we met in New England, and we both love it. But not the winters! So we’re scoping out summer spots. But the real part of the vacation is, the places we’re looking, like, super spotty Internet and cell service. So I’m going off the grid. That’s right. Off, adios, I won’t see your emails or texts for days.

Being off the grid gives me a little bit of agita I’ll be honest, it’s really so so hard to be a small business owner, because it’s all on you. Like, there really are no days off, you have to create your own IRA, there’s no stock matching, you’re at the mercy of the government for health insurance, it can be difficult. But also the responsibility that you shoulder (I mean yeah I design blogs and websites not nuclear reactors lol) can be super intense. So I’m hoping that by physically placing myself outside the grid, I’ll actually relax a little bit and not be stressed and worried about things the whole time like I usually am (it’s actually truly shocking I don’t have an ulcer, every time I go to the doctor she says “You’re a perfect specimen of health!” How?! I jest, but seriously I do wonder). Anyway, I have a scheduled post or two but this is the last you’ll hear from me live, I will see you on the other side with all of our real estate news.

And if you’re a small business owner who has a hard time letting go, I would so love to hear about it below! More importantly, if you have the inside scoop on the Green Mountain State, lay it on me! Flatlanders, ho!

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