43 Going on 13

I’m not really 43, I’m 42 (6 more months!) but I swear, I think I’m really 13 years old sometimes when it comes to design.  Yes, my house looks like an adult lives in it, and yes, I wear age-appropriate clothes, the closest thing I get to risqué is a tennis skirt so no worries there, but when I run across images like these on Pinterest, I just go nuts!  I love a collage wall, love a retro record player, love a vignette that looks like the room of a teenager.  Which tells me that I’m mentally 13, which, considering the way I often react to things, is often the truth!  So indulge me today in my little journey back to high school, the only thing that is missing from these photos is a poster of The Cure!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }




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