Different brands pull off a website landing page by using multiple amazing strategies. No matter the strategy put in place, the landing page is just a means to an end. The page at the end of the day should be able to inspire visiting guests to take an interest in an ad and click the action button to perform the desired action.

A great landing page should be able to convince visitors about the products and services you have to offer; it should deliver value to its audience in all simplicity and generate leads. Most importantly, it should be able to spur these guests to purchase your products and services within a short period.

Setting up an amazing landing page can be stressful and tiring but when coming up with one, have it at the back of your mind that it must revolve around the user and not you. This way, the visitors feel you’re intentional about them. But, your intentionality must start from the products and services rendered. You can use different examples of usability test to be sure your visitors understand how your site works, so that they won’t be confused and will be able to complete the main actions they need to do.

Don’t bore the guests with unnecessary details; put in the most important details with simplicity. You can use video landing pages so that the page won’t be cluttered with lots of information. Keep the important details above the fold so that they don’t have to scroll way down to get the tangible details.

The page should be appealing to the eyes. Use smart contrasting colors, especially between the background and the action button. The pictures used must be eye-catching and must be of very good quality. 

Make use of large fonts, bold background, bright colors, and active elements that can keep the guests engaged. Also, ensure the page loads in a short period.

Your landing page might also contain a base knowledge. The question “what is a knowledge base” might be running through your mind. In basic terms, it is a place where customers can go to learn everything they want to know about the brand.

A very simple way, if not the simplest way, to come up with a good landing page, will be to visit other brand’s website landing pages, especially those of your competitors. Visit the page, notice the details put in place, the strategies used. Seatback to reflect on the information gathered and come up with a better strategy for use.

Let’s discuss ten of the amazing website landing pages examples. In these examples, we will look into important details that made up these landing pages.

  1. Muck Rack

This landing page is very appealing to the eyes as it uses bold and contrasting colors between the background and action button. It is very interactive and descriptive.

The visitor can easily scan through the heading as it is straightforward. The top of the landing page is divided into two, as it takes into consideration their two types of customers. Once you click on the action buttons, either on ”find a journalist” or “build a free portfolio” call to action(CTAs), a very simple form shows. This way, the guest is not distracted from the task.

One amazing thing about the landing page will be the convincing way it revolves around the user as it highlights what the user will benefit from. This way, the guest easily knows what they have to offer. 

Another great feature on this page will be quotes from industry professionals to serve as social proof.

  1. Khan Academy

One outstanding thing about this landing page is that it caters to three different types of users. The khan academy landing page caters to the set of people who want to learn something, those who want to teach, and, finally, parents who want to use the platform for their kids. The caption “you only have to know one thing: you can learn anything” is inspiring, motivating, and fits well into the context of what the brand is all about.

The lower part of the page is designed for guests who want to know more about khan academy. The page colorfully highlights the benefits of using the platform to learn. It is easily understandable and also easy to scan.

The call to action “start learning now” frequently appears, and this takes the user back to the form at the top of the page without having to scroll back up. This way, the user easily clicks on the CTA without any stress when they are convinced about the platform.

  1. Edupath 

One major thing you have to know before creating your landing page is who your audiences are? You constantly have to ask the question “who is my target audience” until you come up with an answer.

Edupath made use of this criterion to create their landing page. Although the content is directed toward students, there are sections created to advise parents. Edupath knows so well that students will most likely do anything if their parents nag them to do it because they get to keep their phones.

It is an easy, one-click process where parents fill out their ward’s name, email address, and mobile number, and a link to download the app will be sent.

  1. Uber

Who wouldn’t love this landing page? The headline is clear and concise; telling what the brand does. Right from the start, the reader or website visitor knows what he tends to benefit from working with Uber.

Another thing that catches the eye with this landing page is the quality picture that was used. The visitor can envision themselves after agreeing to Uber’s terms and conditions.

  1. Kontor: Office Finder Bot

One intriguing strategy used by Kontor is conversational marketing. Kontor asked lots of questions to create a personalized list of suggestions and then uses the conversation to know all they need to know to qualify and satisfy their clients.

  1. EF Ultimate Break

Not only is there a high-quality picture that perfectly fits into the context of the copy, but there are also social proofs to clear the guests’ confusion. The page also creates a sense of urgency with the time-limit included.

  1. Snapchat 

On the Snapchat landing page, videos were used to explain details further. They made use of animated graphics, bold and eye-catching colors and the major details were above the fold. To show the visitors some social proof, they used logos of brands they’ve partnered with in the past.

  1. Litmus

Instead of the popular ”subscribe to my newsletter” quote everywhere. Litmus tweaked the heading of their page to ”let’s stay in touch.” This unique headline is simple and friendly.

The form to be filled is easy to complete, and unnecessary information is not asked.

They don’t intend to catch the users by surprise, as there are examples of past newsletters. This way, you get to know the exact thing you signed for. 

  1. Contently

Contently’s landing page is designed with so much simplicity. Another intriguing element is the way the copy pops up. This way, the users’ attention is drawn to the copy that is clear and very straight to the point.

The testimonials on the page also serve as social proof. Simple icons are used to make the message delivery better, and the CTA button stands out on the page.

  1.  CampusTap

The campus tap landing page is a very amazing one because the picture did most of the talking. The first thing that will catch your attention when you come across the page will be the striking image of a library; this contextually connects the user with the brand’s value.

With the image doing most of the talking, there are a limited amount of text. This will keep the users’ attention focused on the bright blue CTA button, which in this case will be the “learn more.”  The use of smart contrasting colors between the background and CTA button is more evident as the CTA button is placed over a dark area to make it distinct.

With all the points we have discussed walking you through 10 amazing landing page website examples across different fields, you may want to consider going through your competitor’s landing page as well. But, there will be some more general points. 

Points such as simple, straightforward and eye-catching headlines, the use of CTAs that will generate actions of testimonials and quotes from industry professionals to serve as social proof and, the use of testimonials and quotes from industry professionals to serve as social proof.

Wrapping Up

Remember to use an image of good quality and one that is appealing to the eye if you have to use any image. It would be best if you also controlled your visitor’s attention by using large fonts, bold background, bright colors, and active elements that can keep them engaged.

Make navigation easy and make sure the page loads in a couple of seconds.

No matter the strategy you decide to use, make sure you test your landing page regularly to be so sure you’re serving your visitors the right content. You can carry out usability testing so that you will be sure you’re testing your landing page copy with your guests and not colleagues. You can also carry out the A/B test on your landing page to know the corrections to make to your landing page to increase its effectiveness.


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